MA Candidate Geography
Research Interests Syrian refugee crisis, protracted displacement, refugee livelihoods, urban refugees, identity, social networks and social capital, experiences of displacement, politics and experiences of humanitarian aid, Syria, Jordan
Provisional Thesis Title: Livelihoods, Social Networks and Social Capital among Urban Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Recent Publications:

Stevens, Matthew R. 2015. “The Problem of Industrious Refugees.” Cicero Magazine, March 22.

Fröhlich, Christiane and Matthew R. Stevens. 2015. “Trapped in Refuge: The Syrian Crisis in Jordan.” The Middle East Report Online, March 2.

Stevens, Matthew R. 2014. “On Camps and Cities: The Lived Experience of Displaced Syrians in Jordan.” Syria Comment, Dec 12.

Stevens, Matthew R. 2014. “Dreaming of Home: Syrian Refugees in Jordan’s Cities – Will They Be Repatriated?” Syria Comment, Sept 16.

Hyndman, Jennifer, Silvia D’Addario, and Matthew R. Stevens. 2014. “CERIS Refugee Research Synthesis 2009-2013,” a CERIS project solicited by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, May.

Conference Presentations:

Stevens, Matthew R. 2015. “Update on the Status of Urban Syrian Refugees in Northern Jordan.” Presented by request to Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development (DFATD), January; CARE Canada, January; CARE Jordan, February; and Oxfam Jordan, February.

Stevens, Matthew R. 2014. “Social Networks and the ‘Arab Uprisings’: From Revolution to Refugees.” Presented at “The Arab Uprising: Researching the Revolutions” Workshop, Council for British Research in the Levant, Amman, Jordan, September 22-23.

Stevens, Matthew R. 2014. “Getting by in the City: Social Networks and Urban Syrian Refugees in Jordan.” Presented at 9th Annual York Centre for Refugee Studies Student Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 3.

Stevens, Matthew R. 2014. “Livelihoods and social networks among Syrian refugees in Jordan.” Presented at York University Geography Colloquium Presentation Series, Toronto, Canada, April 14