Undergraduate Courses

List of approved and proposed undergraduate courses for 2021/2022

The Centre for Refugee Studies does not offer any courses of its own on refugee related issues. However, we recognize a wide range of courses offered by the various faculties at York which relate to refugee and migration studies. While we cannot guarantee that courses deemed appropriate for the Certificate will be mounted in any given year, we do try to annually update the courses listed below.

Each undergraduate program publishes an annual handbook/lecture timetable, and students are advised to consult these before making their final choice of courses. It is important to note that students in the CRS certificate program do not receive any special priority in enrollment for these courses. Please note that students registered for the certificate program are not exempt from having to fulfill course prerequisites and/or requirements in their home faculties. The following is a list of approved courses, arranged by the Program.

**Students must complete at least 6 credits in the core forced migration course (AP/HREQ 2310 6.00, cross listed to AP/GEOG 2310 6.00) as well as 18 additional credits from the available courses listed below. In the event that the core course is not offered, please contact the undergraduate program director of the Department of Equity Studies for a substitute course, or email Mavis Griffin (mgriffin@yorku.ca) in the Department of Equity Studies**

Administrative Studies
AP/ADMS 3706 3.00 Disasters and Humans (Cross listed with: AP/DEMS 3706 3.00)
AP/ANTH 2100 6.00 Global Capitalism, Culture, and Conflict  
Disaster and Emergency Management
AP/DEMS 3706 3.00 Disasters and Humans (Cross-listed with: AP/ADMS 3706 3.00)
Environmental Studies
ES/ENVS 3160 3.00 Race/Racism and Environmental Justice  
AP/GEOG 2030 6.00 The End of the Earth as We Know It: Global Environmental Change  
AP/GEOG 2310 6.00 Introduction to Refugee and Migration Studies  
AP/GEOG 3070 6.00 Gender, Population and Migration  
AP/GEOG 4170 3.00 Geographic Perspectives on Immigration, Ethnicity and Race in Modern Cities  
AP/GEOG 4380 3.00 Urban Social Policy  
AP/GEOG 4880 3.00 Spaces of Conflict, Violence, and Power  
AP/HIST 3535 6.00 African-Canadian History  
AP/HIST 3581 6.00 Immigrant Experience in Canada  

Human Rights and Equity Studies
AP/HREQ 3010 6.00 Human Rights and Global Economy (Cross-listed with: AP/POLS 3255 6.00)
AP/HREQ 3240 6.00 Human Rights and the Middle East: War, Forced Migration, Reconciliation and Peace  
AP/HREQ 3370 6.00 Migrant Women’s Experiences


AP/HREQ 3485 3.00   Migrant Workers and Human Rights  
AP/HREQ 3610 6.00 Global Migration and Diaspora Cultures  
AP/HREQ 3624 6.00 Canadian Immigration Policy and Settlement  
AP/HREQ 3962 3.00   Trauma, Social Dislocation and Human Rights  
AP/HREQ 3891 3.00 Gender, Religion and Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspective  
AP/HREQ 4772 3.00 Migration and Refugee Protection  

International Studies - Glendon
GL/ILST 3686  3.00 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa  
GL/ILST 3694  3.00 Cities, Migrants, and the Politics of Belonging  
GL/ILST 4651 3.00 International Refugee Protection/Protection internationale des réfugiés  
GL/ILST 4667 3.00 The Sociology of International Migration: Contemporary Issues and Debates  
Political Science
AP/POLS 3900 3.00 Local to Global: City and Nation in the Age of Globalization  
GL/POLS 3694 3.00 Cities, Migrants, and the Politics of Belonging  
GL/POLS 3686 3.00 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa  
GS/POLS 6525 3.00 Diasporas: Transnational Communities and Limits of Citizenship  
Public Policy and Administration Studies
AP/PPAS 4111 3.00 The International Refugee Protection Regime I: Critical Problems  
AP/PPAS 4112 3.00 The International Refugee Protection Regime II: Research Seminar  
Social Science
AP/SOSC 3481 6.00 An Introduction to African Diasporas: Identities and Practices  
GL/SOSC 4644 3.00 Asylum /L’Asile  
AP/SOCI 4370 3.00 Immigrant Youth In Canada – Settlement & Integration  
AP/SOCI 4430 3.00 Human Displacement and Refugees in a Global Context  
GL/SOCI 4667 3.00 The Sociology of International Migration: Contemporary Issues and Debates