Graduate Courses

List of approved and proposed graduate courses for 2021/2022

The Centre for Refugee Studies does not offer any courses of its own on refugee related issues. However, we recognize a wide range of courses offered by the various faculties at York which relate to refugee and migration studies. While we cannot guarantee that courses deemed appropriate for the Diploma will be mounted in any given year, we do try to annually update the courses listed below.

It is important to note that students in the CRS diploma do not receive any special priority in enrollment for these courses. Please note that students registered for the Graduate Diploma are not exempt from having to fulfill course prerequisites and/or requirements in their home faculties. The following is a list of approved and proposed courses, arranged by the Program that is being offered in 2021-22 academic year.

If there are difficulties in selecting any required courses, please contact CRS Director Sean Rehaag (

GS/ANTH 5235 3.00
Anthropological Approaches to Nationalism and Ethnicity: the Politics of Identity  

Development Studies
GS/DVST 5100 3.00 Conceptual Foundations of Development  
GS/DVST 5101 3.00 Historical and Institutional Foundations of Development  
GS/DVST 5123 3.00 Forced Migration and Refugee Issues  
Disaster and Emergency Management
GS/DEMS 5020 3.00 Disasters: Concepts and Causes  

GS/EDUC 5025 3.00 Cosmopolitanisms: Re-imagining Multiculturalism and the Question of Belonging  
GS/EDUC 5311 3.00 Language in the Cosmopolis: Theory and Method  
GS/EDUC 5446 3.00 Special Topics: Ecology, Ethics and Education  
Environmental Studies
ES/ENVS 5070 3.00 Extraction and its Discontents: A Social History and Political Economy  
ES/ENVS 6126 3.00 Community Planning and Housing  
GS/LAW 6131 3.00 Study Group on Law in a Global Context I  
Political Science
GS/POLS 6525 3.00 Diasporas: Transnational Communities and Limits of Citizenship  


Public Policy and Administration
GS/PPAL 6030 3.00 International Refugee Protection Regime I: Critical Problems  
GS/PPAL 6040 3.00 International Refugee Protection Regime II: Research Seminar  


Women's Studies
GS/WMST 6406 3.00 Issues in Comparative Women’s and Gender History: Part II, The Twentieth Century