CRS Seminar: Refugee Sponsorship Training Session: Managing Expectations and Sponsorship Ethics

October 20, 2016 @ 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM
519 Kaneff Tower
4700 Keele St
North York, ON M3J
Michele Millard

Speaker: Nadine Nasir, RSTP Trainer; Toronto Refugee Sponsorship Support Initiative (Toronto RSS); Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP)

Please note that while attendance is free, room capacity is limited. Please RSVP your attendance here:

Nadine Nasir will conduct a workshop about Managing Expectations and Sponsorship Ethics at York University. This highly informative and practical event for sponsors and interested students is organized by RSTP and York University’s Syria Response and Refugee Initiative (SRRI), housed by York’s Centre for Refugee Studies ( ) .

This workshops is intended for the private sponsors of refugees and interested students, and will explore various themes including:


  • Managing expectations: What are sponsors’ and refugees’ expectations of each other, and how can expectations be managed to avoid potential conflict?
  • Code of ethics for private sponsoring groups: What are some ethical practices that private sponsors may wish to consider?
  • Power imbalance: How do power imbalances affect the relationship between sponsors and refugees, and how can they be minimized?

Refugee sponsors from the wider community as well as at York and interested students are warmly invited to attend.

Light refreshments will be available.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email John Carlaw ( with any questions with respect to attendance/logistics.

Please email or contact Nadine Nasir with inquiries related to the Toronto RSS and RSTP ( , 416-290-1700, ext. 404)

Is there a limit to how many of my sponsor team members may attend and can I RSVP on behalf of refugee sponsorship team members? (where applicable)

There is no individual team limit, but we ask those that wish to attend to RSVP as early as possible to assist in planning the event and in the case we reach the workshop attendance limit. Please feel free to fill out one form per person attending should they be unable to fill out the form themselves