CRS Student Conference: Bridging the Gap Between Refugee and Indigenous Communities

November 2, 2018 all-day
TD Community Engagement Centre
1 York Gate Blvd #232A
North York, ON M3N 3A1

13th Annual Refugee and Migration Studies Student Conference

Departing from the traditional conference approach this year, we will hold a gathering of knowledge sharing and solidarity building around discussions of colonialism/settler colonialism, and refugees’ relations to the land they are currently residing on. Thus, wide-range of submission platforms will be considered, including: story-telling, spoken word, photos, poetry, media, art work, theatrical productions, and literary pieces reflecting on the following broad themes:

  • Engaging the connections between migration, displacement and loss of land;
  • Intersectionality as a framework to analyze the connections of colonialism and displacement in refugee and/or indigenous communities;
  • A discussion of the continued colonial violence that impact indigenous and/or refugee communities;
  • The relationship between refugee and indigenous experience;
  • The interrelationship and interdependency of colonialism and processes of racialization;
  • The intersections of racialization and gender; and
  • The role of the state in perpetuating and shaping colonial ideologies negatively impacting refugees and/or indigenous communities