CRS Seminar: Forced Migration by Women Workers in India and Central Asia: Vulnerabilities & Responsibilities

October 25, 2016 @ 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
626 Kaneff Tower
4700 Keele St
North York, ON M3J
Michele Millard

Speaker: Nivedita Das Kundu, Associate Director, Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi, CRS Visiting Scholar

Dr. Das Kundu will focus on the trends and patterns of forced migration by women workers in India and in the Central Asian region from urban and rural areas, narrating the discourse on internal as well as, external movements (i.e. movements across borders). Over a period of time, forced migration specially by the women workers has been intensifying both in India and in the Central Asian States due to globalization, rapid urbanization, climate change, environmental degradation, economic slowdown, external powers interventions, porous borders and socio-political instability. The presentation will highlight the forced migrant workers’ vulnerabilities at the same time will reflect on their challenges in maintaining their responsibilities. The presentation will try to provide the commonalities and specificities giving comparative assessments providing possible future trends and policy recommendations.