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Report: Technological Testing Grounds: Border tech is experimenting with people’s lives

A new report from the Refugee Law Laboratory and EDRi (European Digital Rights) investigates how new technologies are increasingly being used at the border and to manage migration. Technological Testing Grounds is based on over 40 conversations with refugees and people on the move and shows that much of this innovation occurs without adequate governance mechanisms and does […]

York University’s Centre for Refugee Studies awards the 2020 Anthony Richmond Scholarship

The Centre for Refugee Studies is delighted to announce that Dahabo Ibrahim is the inaugural recipient of the Anthony Richmond Scholarship. This new scholarship recognizes promising graduate student research on the intersections of forced migration and environmental changes, such as climate change, flooding, drought, forest fires, and land or sanitary degradation. The scholarship was created […]

Refugee judge asks woman why her husband wouldn’t ‘just kill’ her

A Global News investigative report about Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board failing to apply its internal guidelines for vulnerable claimants. Several CRS affiliated researchers contributed to the story, including Sharry Aiken, who persuasively argues that the problem is not with the guidelines themselves but with oversight for individual decision-makers, and Hilary Evans Cameron whose […]