External Affiliates to CRS

Associate Professor Faculty of Law, Queen’s University
Research Interests Her research focuses on migration law and policy in context. More specifically, much of her current scholarship engages with the controversies, complexities and challenges posed by immigration and border security measures as well as the impact of these measures on asylum seekers, refugees and the communities they have established in Canada. A parallel research interest concerns the theory and practice of citizenship in ethnically divided societies.
Email aiken@queensu.ca
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Assistant Professor
Department of Criminology, Ryerson University
Research Interests Irregular migration, refugee protection, and international and European human rights law. She is currently conducting a SSHRC-funded research on the intersection of security, irregular migration and asylum.
Email idil.atak@ryerson.ca
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Assistant Professor
Faculty of Criminology, UOIT
Research Interests

Canadian and comparative immigration law and policy, refugee law and policy, human trafficking, immigration, refugee protection

Email sasha.baglay@uoit.ca
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Associate Professor
Department of South and Southeast Asia Studies, Calcutta UniversityPresident, International Association for Study of Forced Migration 
Research Interests

Forced Migration

Email  paulabanerjee44@gmail.com
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Assistant Professor
Social and Behavioural Health Sciences, University of Toronto
Research Interests

Her research investigates social problems at the intersections of immigration medical policy, the law, ethics, and HIV/AIDS. Her areas of teaching include sociology of health and illness, critical qualitative methods, migration and public health, and research for social change.

Email lbisaillon@utsc.utoronto.ca
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Assistant Professor

  School of Social Work, Carleton University
Research Interests Neuroscience and social work; forced migration, resettlement and integration; historical trauma and trauma transference; refugee narratives and memory; attachment and Epigenetics; mental health and healing alternatives; Black feminist and structural theory; poverty, policy, geopolitics, and the impacts of racism, marginalization, social/economic exclusion on communities.
  Email nimo.bokore@carleton.ca
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Associate Professor Department of Geography, University of Vermont
Research Interests

Culture, space and power, transnationalism and diaspora, urban and cultural geography, political economy and ecology, India and South Asia.

Email  Pablo.Bose@uvm.edu
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Associate Professor Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa
Research Interests

Gender Studies, Development Studies, Women’s Studies, International Studies, Feminist Theory, Peace and Conflict Studies, International Development, Qualitative methodology, Foreign Policy Analysis, Policy Analysis/Policy Studies, Youth Studies, Qualitative Methods, Political Behaviour, Political Participation, Quantitative Methods (Sociology), Children Geographies, Narrative Methodology, and Research Methodology

Email  cclarkka@uottawa.ca
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Associate Director (research)
Indian Council for Social Science Research,  New Delhi
Research Interests

geopolitical issues, foreign policy and strategic dimensions of security including energy security with focus on the Former Soviet States and India, multilateral organisations like SCO, BRIC, CSTO, NATO and EU

Email dr.niveditadaskundu@gmail.com
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Assistant Professor
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Research Interests role of social institutions in immigrant/refugee integration, the connections between education and family livelihoods, and transnational institution-building. Her work is situated in conflict and post-conflict settings in sub-Saharan Africa and with African Diaspora communities in the United States and Canada. She is concerned with the interplay between local experiences of children, families, and teachers and the development and implementation of national and international policy
Email peterson@gse.harvard.edu
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Assistant Professor

Cairo University
Research Interests Noheir Elgendy is an Urbanist and Assistant Professor of Urbanism and Architecture Criticism at Cairo University. Her research interests focus on urban policies pertaining to informal settlements, refugees, and urban minorities, and covers the urban implications of population displacement, forced migration and asylum. Her current research examines the second wave of the Syrian refugees and the (re) settlement and integration processes.
Email noheir@gmail.com
Senior Lecturer

Department of Social Work, Linnaeus University
Research Interests

Diaspora Studies, Citizenship Studies, Belonging and Identity, Social welfare and Immigration, Social Work with Immigrants, Middle Eastern Studies, Minority rights
Statelessness and nationalism

Email barzoo.eliassi@lnu.se
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Research Associate
 Montreal World Health Organization
Research Interests Neda Faregh is a health psychologist with a research focus on Global Mental Health. She is a Research Associate at the Montreal World Health Organization /  Pan-American Health Organization Collaborating Centre.
Email nedafaregh@gmail.com
Researcher & Consultant, Ed.D
Research Interests

Geopolitical issues, foreign policy and strategic dimensions of security including energy security with focus on the Former Soviet States and India, multilateral organisations like SCO, BRIC, CSTO, NATO and EU

Email mkf673@mail.harvard.edu
Visiting Scholar Groupe de Recherche sur les Relations Ethniques, les Migrations et l’Egalité, (GERME), Université Libre de Bruxelles
Research Interests Broadly, the role of institutional dynamics from the local to the international level in refugee and migration policies, with a particular focus on refugees’ labour market participation, refugee resettlement, and consequences of restrictive admission policies.
Email adele.garnier@ulb.ac.be
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Community Scholar
 LLM Master of International Law
Research Interests

The relationship journalism and freedom of the press has with: international criminal law; the role and function of international organizations and tribunals operating in this area; theoretical and practical aspects of international instruments and tools for the prevention and punishment of international and transnational crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, organized crime, and human trafficking.

Email sacha.guney@gmail.com
School of Politics and International Studies, Queen’s University Belfast
Research Interests Politics of migration and border security, and particularly in the shifting international refugee regime and the politics of irregularity and irregular migration
Email h.johnson@qub.ac.uk
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Adjunct Research Professor
Western University
Research Interests Refugee education and livelihoods in African urban spaces; refugee and immigrant (re)settlement and integration; education practitioners’ training/education on refugees’ needs; the role of international and national refugee policies in the education and socio-economic wellbeing of refugees; human rights education, peace education.
Email lkaranj@uwo.ca
Assistant Professor
School of International Service
Amercian University Washington, DC
Research Interests

His research interests lie in the areas of critical international relations, Violence, South Asian politics, and postcolonialism. His current research focuses on issues of historical memory, political violence, and nationalism. In addition, he is also working on a co-authored project that examines international relations from the vantage point of anti-colonial thinkers from the Global South.

Email narenkum@gmail.com
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Assistant Professor
Professor & Chair in Human Rights Law, University of Toronto
Research Interests transnational migration, citizenship, forced migration, feminist and cultural analysis, and human rights.
Email audrey.macklin@utoronto.ca
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Assistant Professor
Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Sannon School of Business, Cape Breton University
Research Interests
Kevin McKague’s research interests focus on the role of sustainable local enterprise and self-reliant income generating opportunities in supporting the social and economic wellbeing of refugees and migrants. Kevin is currently leading a $1M IDRC-funded research project on social enterprise business models for community health workers in South Sudan www.SouthSudanHealth.com. Kevin has previously led major research initiatives for the World Bank, UNDP, IDRC and CARE.
Email kmckague@gmail.com
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Associate Professor
Department of Political Science, Carleton University
Research Interests Refugees, peacebuilding, African politics and the United Nations system
Email James_Milner@carleton.ca
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Associate Professor Department of Political Science, McMaster University
Research Interests Investigating how the claims made by politicized groups of non-status people are transforming established norms about citizenship and political community. Social movements of non-status refugees and migrants. In particular their campaigns against deportation and detention and for regularization and global mobility rights.
Email nyersp@mcmaster.ca
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  Senior Research Consultant
Research Interests
  • Comparative Politics; International Relations; Governance; & Socio-economic Issues;
  • State-building and Peacebuilding in Fragile and Post-Conflict Societies; Elections;
  • African Affairs; Indigenous (Traditional) Institutions; Security and Organized Crime;
  • Peace and Conflict Studies; Gender Studies; Children and Youth’s Development;
  • Migration & Humanitarian issues relating to Refugees & Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs);
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
Email kayode.opasina@gmail.com
Associate Professor Department of Sociology, Mt. Allison University
Research Interests Lived experiences of migrant racialized populations in Canada: immigration, forced migration, refugees, racialization, youth criminalization, citizenship and identity, globalization and transnationalism.
Email mpoteet@mta.ca
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Professor of Practice
Centre for Refugee Studies, York University
Research Interests Niloufar has worked for the UN, largely UNICEF, for 34 years in various capacities in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, the Eastern Caribbean, Indonesia and India. She has a PhD in Sociology, Gender and Ethnic Studies, from the University of Greenwich in the UK with a focus on the agency of educated Afghan refugee women in Pakistan. She has published a number of academic articles and lead many UNICEF research initiatives, programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation exercises, as well as worked closely with governments, academia, civil society,  think tanks, other UN agencies and the media to advocate for laws, policies, programmes and budgets supportive of children and women’s rights.   Niloufar has also held various senior management positions with UNICEF, which provided her with the platform to be a strong advocate on various human rights and social justice issues. Niloufar is originally from Iran and immigrated to Canada in the year 2000 with her family.
Email nilypourzand@gmail.com
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Canada Research Chair
School of Business, Royal Roads University
Research Interests Economic inequality, embodiment, refugees, Palestine
Email ajnesh_prasad@yahoo.ca
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Project Manager National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases, University of Manitoba
Research Interests

Mr. S.M. Zeeshan Qadar is a Project Manager with the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases, University of Manitoba. In this capacity, he is managing various projects especially focusing on vulnerable populations such as internally displaced persons and refugees. Mr. Zeeshan Qadar has developed various knowledge translation products tailoring to needs of public health professionals in Canada. This include webinars, podcasts, case study, evidence report and others on public health.
Previously, Mr. Qadar has worked as a Researcher on Systematic Reviews with George and Fee Yay Centre for Health Care Innovation. In addition, he has a decade of experience in public health and evidence base medicine. He has worked in various capacities at Centre for Rural Health & Social Services Development, Carbondale, USA and Schneider Institute for Health Policy, Brandeis University, Waltham, USA. Mr. Qadar holds a Bachelors of Pharmacy and a Master of Science in International Health Policy and Management degrees (Brandeis University).
Mr. Zeeshan Qadar is looking for potential collaboration in areas of refugee health.

Email  Sheikh.qadar@umanitoba.ca
Lecturer Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto – Scarborough
Research Interests

Diane Riskedahl is a linguistic anthropologist who works on the intersection of language and identity. She is currently pursing an ethnographic project that focuses on issues of cross-cultural communication faced by Syrian newcomers in Ontario and their sponsorship group members. Her previous work has focused on political discourse in Lebanon analyzing both state and civil society rhetoric in the context of political advertising and protest movements, with attention to political uses of historical memory, kinship metaphors and interactions of orality and literacy.

Email  diane.riskedahl@utoronto.ca
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Department of Social & Policy Sciences, University of Bath
Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of child welfare and child protection. These interests stem from my experiences working as a social worker in local authority family placement teams. I have a particular interest in the ways that children and young people in public care, are looked after by the state.

I have recently undertaken a participatory research project with a group of unaccompanied asylum seeking young people living in foster care in the UK. This research drew on the sociology of childhood, to capture the lived experiences of refugee children and young people. I am also currently developing research proposals in order to explore European policy and practice responses, to the care of unaccompanied refugee children and young people.

Email J.M.Rogers@bath.ac.uk
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Associate Professor
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Windsor
Research Interests

Ethnicity, Migration, Racialization, Identity, International Development

Email  cheran@uwindsor.ca
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Professor International Development Program and School of Advancement, Humanities and Social Sciences, Centennial College
Research Interests

Shehada completed her PhD as a Fulbright scholar in Public Affairs and Administration with a focus on international development and her master’s degree in Human Rights. She taught at Binghamton University, Rutgers University, and Humber College. Currently she teaches at Centennial College. Her research interests include: human rights approach to development, women in conflict zones, and the academic and economic integration of refugees in Canada.

Email  fshehada@centennialcollege.ca
Associate Director Global Migration Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Research Interests

Migration, displacement, European foreign policy, and refugee integration.

Email  craigdamian.smith@utoronto.ca
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Associate Professor Department of Political Science, University of Winnipeg
Research Interests

Ray Silvius is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Winnipeg. His research interests include Global Political Economy, non-Western political economies, community-based research, and the Political Economy of refugees, home, and migration. He is conducting Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded research through the Manitoba Research Alliance into the housing situations of refugees that have resettled in Winnipeg.  He is lead in the Migration in Remote and Rural Areas network within the Rural Policy Learning Commons, a 7 year, SSHRC-funded Partnership Grant.

Email  r.silvius@uwinnipeg.ca
Assistant Professor Department of Political Science, Université Laval
Research Interests

A theoretical focus on migration management, human rights adjudication, front-line workers, and discretion with a regional focus on North America. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, her research interests are at the intersection of public administration, political science, and migration studies– making connections between different disciplines with the aim of producing research that is both theoretically engaged and policy relevant. Her scholarship takes law as a social force, among others, that shape and constrain migration decision-making.

Email  Sule.Tomkinson@pol.ulaval.ca
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Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Critical Border Studies, Assistant Professor Department of Geography, University of Lethbridge
Research Interests Dr. Julie E.E. Young is Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Critical Border Studies and Assistant Professor in Geography at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She holds a doctorate in Geography and a Graduate Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies from York University. Her research program aims to better understand North America’s borders in the context of broader global processes as well as what local practices tell us about where, how, and for whom borders work. Her research interests are broadly in the areas of political geography, critical border studies, refugee and migration policies and practices, and North and Central America. Julie’s work has been published in ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, Environment & Planning D: Society and Space, International Journal of Migration and Border Studies, and Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees.
Email julie.young@uleth.ca
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Associate Professor University of Bayreuth
Research Interests Dr. Zeleke was trained in Social Anthropology at the University of Bayreuth in Germany. Her research focuses on Gender and Migration. Her ongoing senior postdoctoral research focuses on understanding the lived experiences of Ethiopian female transit migrants. Her researches focus on labor migration, refugee and migrants’ rights; return migration and women’s employment and empowerment
Email jeressokiyya@gmail.com